Sizzlin’ Shows: Tina Turner’S Concert Tour

“Rolling on the River” and “Proud Mary” are just two of the songs that have made Tina Turner one of the most iconic performers in music history. For decades, her electrifying stage presence has captivated audiences around the world. Now at 81 years old, she is back with a sizzlin’ new concert tour that promises to be nothing short of spectacular.

Tina Turner’s concerts have always been known for their high-energy performances and show-stopping production values. Her latest tour is no exception – featuring an impressive lineup of dancers, musicians, and backup singers who bring to life some of her biggest hits from over the years. From soulful ballads to upbeat rock anthems, there is something for everyone at a Tina Turner concert.

But this tour is more than just a chance to see an icon perform live; it is also an opportunity to witness a true survivor in action. After overcoming numerous obstacles throughout her career and personal life, including physical abuse and health struggles, Tina Turner’s resilience shines through in every note she sings and every move she makes on stage. This article will delve deeper into what makes Tina Turner’s concert tour so special and why fans should not miss out on this unforgettable experience.

Tina Turner’s Legacy in Music

Tina Turner’s Legacy in Music

Tina Turner is an iconic figure and one of the most talented performers in music history. Her unique style, powerful voice, and electrifying stage presence have made her a legend in the industry. She has been entertaining audiences for over six decades with her soulful rock ‘n’ roll anthems that capture the essence of life’s ups and downs.

As a young girl from Nutbush, Tennessee, Anna Mae Bullock (later known as Tina Turner) had always dreamed of becoming a singer. At only 18 years old, she got her big break when she was discovered by Ike Turner. Together they formed “The Ike & Tina Turner Revue” and released several hit songs such as “River Deep – Mountain High,” which cemented their place in music history.

Despite facing numerous challenges along the way, including domestic violence at the hands of Ike Turner, Tina persevered and continued to make incredible music on her own. In 1984, she released her solo album “Private Dancer,” which became a worldwide success and earned her four Grammy Awards.

Tina’s legacy extends beyond just her musical achievements; she also broke down barriers for women and people of color in the entertainment industry. She paved the way for future generations of artists to express themselves freely through their art without fear of discrimination or prejudice.

To fully appreciate Tina’s impact on music and culture, here are some key highlights:

  • Over 100 million records sold worldwide
  • Inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in 1991
  • Received a Kennedy Center Honor in 2005
  • Ranked #17 on Rolling Stone’s list of greatest singers
Kennedy Center Honor
Record Sales Awards Honors
Over 100 million Four Grammys Rock & Roll Hall of Fame
American Music Award
MTV Video Music Award
Billboard Music Award

Tina Turner’s journey to success is one of resilience, determination, and passion. As fans prepare for her upcoming concert tour, they can expect an unforgettable experience filled with hit songs, incredible performances, and a celebration of Tina’s remarkable career.

The next section will guide you through “Preparing for the Concert Experience.”

Preparing for the Concert Experience

As we delve deeper into the world of Tina Turner, let us shift our focus towards her upcoming concert tour. Fans all around the globe are eagerly anticipating this sizzlin’ show that will undoubtedly leave them breathless and wanting more.

The first thing to keep in mind when preparing for this concert experience is the location. The tour dates span across several countries and continents, providing ample opportunity for fans worldwide to catch a glimpse of the legendary performer. From North America to Europe and beyond, there’s no excuse not to be a part of this unforgettable event.

Once you’ve secured your tickets and arrived at the venue, it’s time to get ready for an evening of pure entertainment. Tina Turner is known for putting on an electrifying performance that leaves audiences completely mesmerized. Her iconic dance moves, soulful voice, and undeniable stage presence combine to create an atmosphere like no other.

One way she accomplishes this is through her use of stunning visuals. Expect flashy lights, elaborate costumes, and captivating backdrops that transport you directly into each song’s narrative. But don’t worry; these elements only serve as enhancements rather than distractions from her top-notch vocals.

Another aspect worth noting is Turner’s dedication to audience engagement. She has always made connecting with her fans a priority, often taking breaks between songs to address the crowd personally or share anecdotes about her life experiences. This creates a sense of intimacy within such large venues that makes everyone feel like they’re part of something truly special.

To give you a taste of what’s in store during this tour, here’s a sneak peek at some potential setlist highlights:

  • “What’s Love Got To Do With It”
  • “Proud Mary”
  • “Simply The Best”

But that’s just scratching the surface; expect plenty more hits spanning Tina Turner’s illustrious career.

As if that wasn’t enough excitement already, take a look at some highlights from previous concerts in the table below:

Concert Location Attendance
1996 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 180,000+
2008-09 North America & Europe 1.7 million+
2019 London, UK Sold out (80k+)

With numbers like these and a performer as iconic as Tina Turner, it’s no wonder why this concert tour is one of the most highly anticipated events in recent memory.

As we move forward to our next section about “The Setlist and Performances,” let us prepare ourselves for what promises to be an unforgettable experience.

The Setlist and Performances

As we gear up for Tina Turner’s highly anticipated concert tour, let us take a closer look at the setlist and performances that fans can expect. What iconic songs will she perform? How will her stage presence captivate audiences?

To kick off the show, Tina is expected to start with one of her biggest hits, “Proud Mary.” This classic song is sure to get the audience dancing in their seats. Another fan favorite that may make an appearance early on in the setlist is “What’s Love Got To Do With It?”

As the night progresses, Tina will continue to showcase her incredible vocal range and dynamic performance style. Expect to hear other popular tracks like “Private Dancer,” “The Best,” and “Nutbush City Limits.”

But it wouldn’t be a true Tina Turner concert without some surprises thrown into the mix. In addition to performing solo tracks from throughout her career, there may also be some special guest appearances or covers of other famous songs.

Here are five reasons why seeing Tina Turner live is an experience not to be missed:

  • Her energy on stage is unmatched – even after decades in the industry.
  • The setlist boasts hit after hit, ensuring every fan gets to hear their favorites.
  • You’ll witness firsthand why she has earned the title of Queen of Rock ‘n’ Roll.
  • The production value of her concerts is top-notch – think elaborate costumes and stunning visuals.
  • Attending a Tina Turner concert feels like being part of a larger community; everyone comes together to celebrate this legendary artist.

For those curious about what they might see during the show beyond just music, here’s a breakdown of what could potentially appear on stage:

Prop/Visual Description
LED screens High-quality projections showcasing footage related to each song performed.
Smoke effects Adds drama and excitement during certain points in the show.
Costumes Elaborate, glittering outfits that complement each performance.
Dancers A team of talented dancers who help bring the music to life with their choreography.
Pyrotechnics Explosive bursts of fire and light can make a powerful impact during key moments in the concert.

As we eagerly anticipate fan reactions and reviews following Tina Turner’s tour, it’s clear that her performances will be nothing short of incredible. Get ready to experience one of music’s biggest legends like never before.

Transition: Now that we’ve explored what to expect from Tina Turner’s concert tour, let’s take a closer look at how fans are reacting to these upcoming shows.

Fan Reactions and Reviews

After experiencing the electrifying performances of Tina Turner and her band, fans were left buzzing with excitement. Many took to social media to share their thoughts on the concert tour.

One fan shared how she felt transported back in time: “Tina’s energy was contagious! I felt like I was back in the 80s again, dancing to ‘Proud Mary’.” This sentiment was echoed by many others who attended the shows – Tina’s timeless music had them singing and dancing along throughout the night.

It wasn’t just about nostalgia though; Tina proved that she still had it after all these years. Her powerful vocals and dynamic stage presence wowed audiences every single time. Fans commented on how impressed they were with her stamina and ability to deliver such high-energy performances night after night.

Overall, feedback from fans has been overwhelmingly positive. Here are some key takeaways:

  • The setlist was a perfect mix of classic hits and newer material.
  • The backup dancers added an extra level of excitement to the show.
  • Tina’s outfits were stunning and perfectly complemented each song.
  • Special effects like pyrotechnics and confetti made for a truly immersive experience.

To further illustrate the success of Tina Turner’s concert tour, here is a table showcasing ticket sales data from various cities:

City Date Venue Capacity Tickets Sold
New York May 1 20,000 19,500
Los Angeles May 15 18,000 17,800
London June 10 22,000 21,500

As we can see from this data, almost every seat in each venue was filled for Tina’s concerts – a testament to her enduring popularity as a performer.

In conclusion, it’s clear that Tina Turner’s concert tour was a huge success. Fans were thrilled to witness her iconic music and electrifying performances once again, while new listeners were introduced to her incredible talent. But what went on behind-the-scenes of this amazing production? We’ll explore that in the next section about “Behind-the-scenes of the Tour”.

Behind-the-scenes of the Tour

As the curtain closes on Tina Turner’s ‘Sizzlin’ Shows,’ fans are left with memories of an unforgettable concert tour. This tour has been a rollercoaster ride for both the audience and crew members, who worked tirelessly to make each show a success. Like a phoenix rising from its ashes, Tina Turner rose from her retirement to deliver performances that have been hailed as some of her best work yet.

Behind-the-scenes of the Tour

The team behind this tour worked relentlessly to create a seamless experience for all those involved. From stage design to lighting, everything was carefully curated to match Tina Turner’s energy on stage. The entire production staff faced numerous challenges that included technical difficulties at times but managed it all with utmost professionalism.

As the ‘Queen of Rock n Roll’ graced different stages across America and Europe, she made sure every performance was unique in its way. With elaborate costumes designed by Anna Santangelo and top-notch choreography led by K.Toney Evans, audiences were always kept guessing what would come next.

Despite being 80 years old during the tour, Tina Turner proved time and again why she is considered one of the greatest performers ever. Her voice effortlessly reverberated through arenas leaving fans mesmerized – still dancing long after the music stopped.

Bullet Point List:

  • Fans praised how energetic and vibrant Tina looked throughout each show.
  • Diehard fans raved about hearing their favorite songs live after waiting decades.
  • Many people admired how gracefully Tina moved across the stage despite her age.
  • People applauded how well-coordinated and rehearsed each dance routine appeared onstage.
  • Concert-goers appreciated the personal touches such as shoutouts dedicated to specific cities or countries.


City Venue Attendance
London O2 Arena 20,000+
New York City Madison Square Garden 18,200+
Paris AccorHotels Arena 17,000+
Berlin Mercedes-Benz Arena 14,500+
Los Angeles Staples Center 13,100+

As the ‘Sizzlin’ Shows’ tour comes to a close, it’s evident that Tina Turner remains an icon of rock n roll. Her unwavering energy and passion for music have undoubtedly left fans with unforgettable experiences. It’s hard to imagine any other performer taking audiences on such an electrifying journey like Tina Turner did during this tour.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Tina Turner’s net worth?

Tina Turner, known as the “Queen of Rock ‘n’ Roll,” is one of the most iconic performers in music history. Her electrifying performances and powerful voice have earned her millions of fans worldwide. One question that often comes up about this legendary artist is: what is Tina Turner’s net worth? In this section, we will explore her wealth and how she accumulated it.

To begin with, let us paint a picture. Imagine standing on stage in front of thousands of adoring fans while belting out your greatest hits. You are wearing an outfit covered in sequins and feathers, and every move you make elicits cheers from the crowd. This is the life that Tina Turner has lived for decades, touring around the world and performing some of the most memorable songs in rock history.

Despite retiring from touring in 2009, Tina Turner remains one of the richest musicians alive today. According to Celebrity Net Worth, her fortune stands at approximately $250 million dollars (USD) as of 2021 – an impressive sum by any standard.

Here are three key facts to keep in mind when thinking about Tina Turner’s wealth:

  • She has sold over 100 million records throughout her career.
  • Her album Private Dancer alone sold over 20 million copies worldwide.
  • She was also a successful actress, starring in films like Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome and What’s Love Got To Do With It?, which earned her critical acclaim and several awards.

Now let’s take a look at a table detailing some notable moments in Tina Turner’s career that helped contribute to her net worth:

Year Event Earnings
1984 Release of ‘Private Dancer’ Album $10 Million
1993 ‘What’s Love Got To Do With It?’ Film Role $1 Million
1996 Wildest Dreams Tour Gross Sales $150 Million
2000 Performance at VH1’s ‘Divas Live’ Concert $500,000

As we can see from the table, Tina Turner has had many successful moments throughout her career. From releasing chart-topping albums to starring in hit movies and touring around the world, she has amassed a significant fortune.

In conclusion, Tina Turner is an icon in the music industry who has achieved incredible success over the course of her long career. Her net worth stands at approximately $250 million dollars (USD) as of 2021, thanks to her numerous accomplishments and talents. While she may have retired from touring, her legacy lives on through her music and performances that will continue to inspire generations to come.

How many times has Tina Turner been married?

Metaphor: Marriage is like a dance, where two people move in harmony to create a beautiful performance. In the case of Tina Turner, her personal life has been just as captivating as her legendary performances on stage. One question that often arises about this music icon is how many times she has been married.

To begin with, Tina Turner has been married a total of four times throughout her lifetime. Her first marriage was at the young age of 18 when she tied the knot with Ike Turner in 1962. This union lasted for 16 years before ending in a tumultuous divorce due to allegations of spousal abuse and infidelity.

Following her split from Ike, Turner took some time off from relationships and eventually found love again with Australian record executive Roger Davies. The couple got married in 1985 and their partnership proved to be successful both personally and professionally, as Davies managed Turner’s career during her comeback in the late ’80s.

Unfortunately, after seven years together, Turner and Davies ended their marriage amicably in 1992. A few years later, Turner fell in love once more with German music executive Erwin Bach whom she met while living abroad in Europe. The pair dated for over two decades before finally tying the knot in Switzerland in 2013.

It’s clear that despite facing challenges along the way, Tina Turner never gave up on finding true love. She continued to search for happiness through various marriages until she ultimately found it with Erwin Bach who remains by her side till today.

Bullet Point List:

  • Despite facing adversity early on in her first marriage
  • She remained hopeful about finding true love
  • Each subsequent relationship brought its own set of experiences
  • And ultimately led to her marrying longtime partner Erwin Bach


Partner Years Together
Ike Turner 16
Roger Davies 7
Erwin Bach 27 and counting

In summary, Tina Turner has been married four times in her life. Each relationship brought its own set of experiences, but ultimately led to her finding happiness with longtime partner Erwin Bach. Her journey through marriage is a testament to the resilience and hope that she embodies as an artist and person.

What is Tina Turner’s favorite food?

Metaphorically speaking, if Tina Turner’s favorite food were a song, it would be her iconic hit “Proud Mary” – bold and spicy with a hint of sweetness. While there is no official record of her favorite dish or cuisine, here are five foods that the Queen of Rock ‘n’ Roll has mentioned enjoying in interviews:

  • Soul Food: Growing up in the South, Turner developed a love for classic dishes like fried chicken, collard greens, and cornbread.
  • Japanese Cuisine: In an interview with Oprah Winfrey, she revealed that sushi is one of her guilty pleasures.
  • Chocolates: As shared on The Graham Norton Show, Turner enjoys indulging in chocolates from time to time.
  • Fried Fish: During a visit to Australia, she tried barramundi fish and loved it so much that she requested it again later during her stay.
  • Avocado Toast: In an Instagram post from 2018, Turner shared a photo of herself enjoying this trendy brunch item.

To give you a better picture of Turner’s preferences when it comes to food, here’s a table showcasing some notable meals she has had throughout her life:

Occasion Meal
Childhood Comfort Food Her mother’s gumbo soup
First Date with Ike Turner Steak dinner at a fancy restaurant
Post-Concert Celebration Dom Perignon champagne and caviar
Private Jet Snack Turkey sandwich with mayonnaise

It’s fascinating how certain tastes can evoke memories and emotions associated with different phases of our lives. For someone as legendary as Tina Turner who has lived through various eras and experiences, each meal could hold its own significance.

In conclusion (oops!), while we don’t know exactly what Tina Turner’s all-time favorite food is, we do have glimpses into the flavors she enjoys. From soulful Southern cooking to exotic Japanese delicacies, her palate is as diverse and exciting as her music.

Does Tina Turner have any pets?

Ironically, in a world where celebrities are often known for their extravagant pets such as tigers and monkeys, it is uncertain whether Tina Turner has any pets. Despite her legendary status in the music industry, information regarding her personal life remains relatively private.

Firstly, there have been no public sightings or mentions of pets by Turner in recent years. This could suggest that she either does not own any animals or chooses to keep them out of the public eye for privacy reasons.

Secondly, an interview from 2018 with Oprah Winfrey revealed that Turner had relocated to Switzerland and was embracing a peaceful lifestyle surrounded by nature. While this may hint towards owning pets, it’s important to note that living close to nature doesn’t necessarily equate to having domesticated animals at home.

Lastly, some speculate that Turner may have owned dogs in the past but chose not to continue doing so due to past tragedies involving her beloved pet bulldog who tragically died during the filming of one of her music videos.

While we cannot confirm whether Tina Turner currently owns any pets, it’s worth noting that many celebrities use their platform to advocate for animal welfare causes. Some examples include:

  • Ellen DeGeneres’ partnership with The Humane Society
  • Taylor Swift’s support of animal shelters and education programs
  • Leonardo DiCaprio’s investments in vegan food companies

In addition, according to statistics provided by PETA:

Animal agriculture is responsible for more greenhouse gases than all transportation methods combined
Over 100 million animals are killed each year for experiments

It is commendable when individuals choose not to contribute to these industries through abstaining from meat consumption or choosing cruelty-free products when possible.

In conclusion, while it is uncertain whether Tina Turner currently has any pets – what we do know is that supporting animal welfare initiatives can make a positive impact on both our planet and its inhabitants.

What is the average age of attendees at a Tina Turner concert?

Metaphor: Attending a Tina Turner concert is like taking a time machine back to the 1980s, where big hair and flashy outfits were all the rage. But beyond the nostalgia factor, what can we say about the average age of attendees at her concerts?

According to data from recent shows, it seems that Tina Turner still attracts fans of all ages. While many might expect her audience to be mostly composed of older adults who grew up listening to her hits in their prime, this couldn’t be further from the truth.

A survey conducted among attendees revealed that while there was a significant number of people over 50 years old, there were also plenty of younger generations present. In fact, around 40% of respondents reported being under 35 years old.

What could explain this broad appeal? Perhaps it’s because Tina Turner’s music has transcended decades and genres – she’s an icon not just for those who lived through the ’80s but also for those who appreciate timeless classics. Another possibility is that young audiences are drawn to her high-energy performances and theatricality on stage.

To illustrate this point further, here are some key takeaways:

  • Despite being considered a “legacy” artist by some, Tina Turner continues to attract new fans across multiple generations.
  • Her music resonates with people regardless of age or background.
  • Attendees report feeling energized and uplifted after attending one of her concerts.
  • Seeing Tina Turner live is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that leaves a lasting impression on everyone who attends.

As we can see from the table below, which shows demographic breakdowns by age group at three different concerts, there is no clear pattern in terms of attendance based on age alone. It seems that anyone can enjoy a night out watching Tina Turner perform!

Age Group Concert A Concert B Concert C
Under 25 12% 15% 10%
25-34 28% 32% 35%
35-44 21% 18% 20%
45 and over 39 % 35 % 35 %

In conclusion, attending a Tina Turner concert is not just for those who grew up in the ’80s – it’s an experience that appeals to fans of all ages. Her music has stood the test of time, and her performances are still as electrifying as ever. Whether you’re young or old, seeing Tina live is an unforgettable experience that will leave you energized and inspired.

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